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'Once upon a time two young souls met, deeply intertwined with the world of horses. Their passion for these magnificent creatures created a bond between them that seemed unbreakable.
But as life would have it, their paths diverged, leading them on separate journeys of growth and self-discovery. The man delved into the art of training and understanding the world of horses, while the woman embarked on a deep quest for healing and spiritual development, experiencing various things along the way.


After 7 years, a higher power reunited them and paved the way for a deep connection based on genuine love and shared dreams. Before they could embrace this new chapter together, they had to face and heal their own wounds from the past, which later allowed for a deeper level of healing in their relationship.

United by the Universal Plan, they embarked on a path of co-creation and together established a sacred space led by their guides – wise and intuitive horses.

A man with the wisdom of the horse world and a woman with the wisdom of the underworld and spirit world, surrounded by the gentle yet powerful presence of animals.'


This is Gal and Sara and their journey with horses.
The most beautiful things develop from the field we create through love and connection.  That's how EQUINESS came to life. It is our space. A space where we feel alive, connected and filled. A space where we breathe with full lungs. A space where we talk in silence and feel with all our senses. Where we play. Where we forget the list of things we still have to do. A space where we just are.
This space was not created by chance. When we look back we see that all paths led to the creation of this space. It is a combination of love, knowledge and personal experience.  Because we love life. And we adore the genuine connection and all the colors that the human experience brings. We were never meant to go through this experience (of being human) alone. 

We are Sara & Gal - student of Gestalt experiential family therapy and master of animal science & expert in the field of behavior and training of horses.

We show you our space in the form of therapeutic work, experiential workshops with horses and various events. We look forward to meeting you.






Gestalt student of Gestalt experiential family therapy and Master of Animal Science


an expert in the psychology and training of horses

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