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an insight guided by horses

Caballus Luminous - when horses light our way

Nature Tokens

We present a unique program designed to allow individuals to delve into their inner world with guides horses.

The purpose of this experience is to raise self-awareness, understand personal dynamics, and hear messages from these majestic animals to help us become more authentic and live a fuller life.

​Workshops are a place of unlimited possibilities for genuine contact with horses.

The workshop takes place in 3 parts:


The first part of the workshop is dedicated to opening the space, creating safe and connected environment.. With this, everyone takes a step closer to their inner world and shares it to the extent they feel. In the first part of the workshop, there is a conversation about horses, their language and the world.

The second part of the workshop is experiential and takes place in direct contact with the horses. The experience is always co-created between all of us in the space. You can most easily imagine it as a gathering with friends - sometimes you meditate together, sometimes you play, you have some kind of deep conversation, sometimes these friends introduce you to their family, their dynamics. Horses have special abilities to see and feel inside us and always bring us messages from their world that are meant for us at that moment. So, they don't say what will happen in advance, it's easiest to let yourself go and let it surprise you. :)


The third part of the workshop is dedicated to reflection and grounding the experience in different ways. As we opened the space, we also close it together.

In terms of time, we always adapt to the process that is taking place and to the fact that we also close the space appropriately according to experience. When the place opens, the horses are already working, although sometimes it is not visible from the outside. When the space is closed, the horses stop working with you.


A workshop can be whatever you want and need in the moment – ​​a fun, bonding, relaxing, therapeutic experience. It is suitable for individuals, couples as well as families and groups. The workshops are suitable for all age groups and you don't need any previous knowledge of horses (even those who are afraid of horses are welcome).

Duration: 2-3 hours


The workshop with horses for me represents a subtle encounter of an individual with himself and with his inner, perhaps even undiscovered parts.
As I entered the arena, I felt a space where I could explore in a whole new way. Horses and their dynamics reflected my behavioral patterns, most of which I was not fully aware of. The experience is deep and sensual!

Thank you Gal and Sara, it was an indescribable experience for me and your leadership was clear but direct, always soft and compassionate. I felt safe in your leadership and was supported enough by your questions to be able to openly explore my vulnerability.

thanks :)


The workshop has left such a deep imprint on me that every word does it an injustice. It is truly an individual experience, a natural and genuine contact with the animal and other participants. Everything happens as it should and the horse in some amazing way reflects exactly what you need at the moment. Thank you Sara and Gal for this magical experience.



Sarah and Gal’s work is quite unique and valuable. Thanks to them, I realized for the first time in my life how very sensitive horses can be and how much they can mirror our relationships. My partner and I got so many insights when we met them. Thank you!




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