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Horse-supported therapy

Therapy with horses is defined as an interactive process involving a therapist, a horse expert, and a client. It is an extremely fun and dynamic method whose effects are scientifically proven. Therapy can help an individual gain self-confidence, identify their own needs, better communicate with themselves and their surroundings, improve trust, social skills, improve impulse control and help with learning about boundaries. Numerous studies have shown that spending time with animals can reduce problems such as depression, stress and anxiety, and increase positive thinking and happiness levels.

It is suitable for everyone, as we can work on any topic during the workshop with toys and horses. Problems we face every day, conflicts in a partnership, problems in the functioning of the family. If we are plagued by the current situation at work or do not know which faculty we would like to enroll in, we always fight with the same classmate - every life situation can be transferred to a space with horses.


How does it even look like?

The horse as a sensitive animal responds to our inner state and mirrors it to us. Through the horse's reactions, man thus begins to speak of himself. 

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