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A comprehensive learning program about horses and riding 

Growing up on a horses back means that we will learn everything they show us next to and from horses. The understanding we gain from working on the ground with horses and watching horses is equally transferred to our communication while riding.

It is important that we understand and that the horses understand us. The knowledge we want to pass on. But holistically, with a feeling for people and horses. That the children will become empowered and in the future will meet horses with awareness and knowledge.

Gal is one of the best riders and competitors in Europe in the western reining discipline, he has several winning titles, cups and successes. Above all, he has an exceptional understanding of horses!

Sara has been with horses since she was 2 years old, in her masters thesis she focused on ensuring the well-being of horses and completed a degree in animal science. After finishing her studies, she started studying Gestalt experiential family therapy and now combines both fields when working with horses and people. 

We also tried to take into account the hardships you parents face - driving, time, money. We designed the program with this in mind. The program will take place every other week, for 4 hours. There will be only 4 children in the group so that we can really immerse ourselves in the world of riding. 

Beginning in November!

Where? On NiceRanch  in the vicinity of Ivančna Gorica, less than half an hour from Ljubljana!

The price? 50 EUR per meeting

If you are interested, send us an email at, where we will provide you with additional information. 


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