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connected as a herd 

EQUINESS is opening the EQUIHERD program for the first time - connected as a herd. It will take place from January to June. It is intended for a permanent, closed group of no more than 10 people.


What will we do? 

  • the whole natural world is speaking, we just have to listen to it. And we will try this - to hear the messages that life brings us

  • we will get to know horses, the language of the herd and their wisdom

  • from horses we will learn how to function in the herd and how the herd supports each individual member - and how we can translate this into our lives

  • empowering our own authenticity, stepping into our power with the support of the herd

  • explore how we can support each other in becoming leaders of the herd - leaders

of our life​

  • and everything that horses and nature will want to show us and teach us! 













The group will be co-created by Sara and Gal Grahelj. I am a Gestalt experiential family therapist
and I have a masters degree in animal science, while Gal is an expert in behavior of horses
and horse training. The program was created based on our own experiences of why and how
good is to have your own herd; that supports you, offers you a safe space and encourages authenticity: so you get to live what you are. And most importantly: that it does it with compassion. 

I was a very sensitive child and already at an early age withdrew from people and found support from
animals. At that age I entered the world of horses. In puberty I was a fierce rebel for others,
but I felt lost myself. Even then animals and nature helped me, I got my first horse and learned more and more what they can teach us all. I chose studies in animal science at the Faculty of Biotechnology, where I completed my masters degree.
Personal experiences with anxiety and panic attacks led me to the world of psychotherapy and I started to work on myself. I enthusiastically started to explore myself - I attended various workshops,
Native American rituals and discovered myself in different ways. I also started to study psychotherapy.
Already in elementary school, I knew that one day I wanted to connect animals and people, and thus also enable the experience of the healing power of animals for others. This is how at the end of 2020 EQUINESS came to life. 
Gal is an expert in horse behavior and training. He has been in contact with horses since the age of four.
Professionally, he has been making a living from this work for the past 12 years. He had always been most attracted to horse psychology and dedicated his life to it. He was educated at home and abroad
(Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Austria). For the last 10 years, he has been competing extremely successfully at international level, where he gained a lot of knowledge and experience with horses, which he brings to programs of the EQUINESS institute. He truly believes in the work of the institute, whose goal is to work in the well-being of horses, people, the community and consequently for a better tomorrow.

He teaches different horses and their owners, helps owners to better understand their horses and often helps horses with rehabilitation. In the EQUINESS institute he takes care of the psychophysical well-being of horses, horse training and participates in all events and workshops where he takes care of the safety of people and animals.

Because of the knowledge and experience from the past 12 years, he is an indispensable colleague of the institution.


How will we meet?

There will be a maximum of 10 of you in the group.  We will meet once a month for 4 hours. We will determine the dates together. We will hang out at a ranch called NiceRanch, which is located in the municipality of Šentvid pri Stični, less than half an hour from Ljubljana. It is at the end of the village, surrounded by a forest, i.e. in an environment that offers intimacy, privacy and relaxation. 


The price of the entire program is €360. Price includes all meetings, surprise and snacks and drinks. For applications until the end of November, you will receive a 10% discount. You also receive it when several people sign up. :)


Aho mitakuye oyasin – for all our relationships

Horses can see the real you. Being seen is incredibly healing.

Meg Kirby

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