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EQUITEAM program  with horses offers a meeting for a group of your company (up to 12 participants), where horses offer a unique opportunity to explore and experiment with the experience and work of the group in a unique and experiential way!

It has been proven that working with horses helps to develop the potential of individuals and groups, so we present our EQUITEAM program, which is unique and contributes to:

  • having fun!

  • shaping and deepening  ties  

  • positive  group orientation

  • discovering individual and group skills

  • solving  challenges in new ways

  • awareness about communication

  • developing and experimenting with group dynamics

  • Prior experience with horses is not necessary!



The EQUITEAM program with horses offers a unique and exciting learning experience with free horses and the use of various toys and props. In the workshop, participants will play, they will be challenged  and will constructively discover themselves and others with the support of horses.

We look forward to working with you!



Activities with horses are supported  total  rescue  challenges and are aimed at connecting participants, working together and exploring group dynamics.



The program helps build trust and communication skills  in the unique atmosphere of horses.



Experience is what we are left with and what leaves a mark on us. Come to the arena and let go  surprise!

If you need more information, contact our team today.

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