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Within the program, through a series of different activities, with an emphasis on western riding, you will learn who horses are, learn their language and how to communicate clearly with them on the ground and in the saddle.


Purpose of the program

Our goal is to bring the horses closer, encourage a deeper understanding and connection with them (that they are understood and heard) and teach riding in a different way - a way where the horses are understood and where you understand what, how and why we do something in the saddle. Join us on this journey, this time in the saddle.

Who will be your teacher?

Gal Grahelj has repeatedly demonstrated his understanding of horses and training in the equestrian world. He achieved a lot of results at the national and European level, and above all, the background of his work is a deep understanding of horses, which leads to the fact that horses are really understood by humans. Gal teaches us all about the language of horses and we want to pass this on to all of you who are interested in horses and riding. Along with Gal and the horses you will be accompanied by Sara, who has been riding since she was 3 years old.


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