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Horses & Icaro

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Horses & Icaro - workshop with Erika Oblak, Gal and Sara Grahelj

The wisdom of horses, the Icaro ritual and becoming the tribe for a day.  Could it be more beautiful?


All researchers of life and self are invited to spend a day in nature, listen to the wisdom of horses, learn about yourselves with the support of animals and nature, share your stories and insights and to indulge in the Icaro ceremony led by Erika Oblak. 

The workshop will actually be a pleasant get-together and we will try to bring the wisdom of our ancestors into todays time - they learned from plants and animals and recognized a teacher in everyone and everything. And they lived in community and supported each other. 

Why horses?


Horses open the healing process in each of us almost immediately. They are so sensitive that they set up a perfect mirror for us. They are exceptional healers, as their reactions are honest and always supportive of our growth. They want to support us to become a happier and more peaceful version of ourselves. They support us to take a step closer to ourselves. Closer to life. In sensitive and experienced hands, they tell us who we are and where we have a problem with ourselves and the environment. They teach us about nature, dependence, but also connection and respect, just like Ayahuasca.


Why Icaro?

The healing that will be initiated by the horses will be further supported by the spirit of the teacher plants.

Ikaro are special shamanic songs that are as important a part of Ayahuasca ceremonies as Ayahuasca itself. The student receives them during learning, in the processes of diets with teacher plants, when he connects with their energy and other energies of the natural world. They are used as a connection between man and nature and its spiritual world and transmit energies that establish balance on all levels.


How will the workshop take place?


Before the workshop, you will prepare by choosing the intention (what you intend to work on during the workshop). We will start by hanging out with the horses, you will be guided by Sara and Gal. We will be writing the script together. We will let the horses react and maybe show us an answer. This will be followed by some relaxing socializing and lunch.


After lunch, we will gather and set up for the Icaro ceremony, in which we will enter with the same intention and listen to what the plants will tell us about it. Before the ceremony, we will talk about teacher plants and the wisdom of the Amazon. After the ceremony, dinner will follow, and after dinner, we will gather around the fire (we hope the weather will allow it) and indulge in the evening.

The workshop will take place on Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. For early bird reservations (until 25 October) the price is lower - €160 per person. After this date, the price is €190 per person.

Applications are accepted at the email address

Erika, Gal, Sara & everyone else 


November 26 - one day

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