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an expert in the psychology and training of horses

Gal began his journey with the horses by running away from his grandmother to a nearby barn, stealing a pony there and happily coming home.
The path later took him abroad (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy), where he gained experience in training and caring for horses.
He has always been most interested in the psychology of horses, but he also likes challenges. That is why he was attracted by the discipline of Reining, which comes from America - it is a very demanding discipline, fast and adrenaline, and it requires exceptional symbiosis between rider and horse, as the goal is to make as small as possible, imperceptible signs given by the rider.


Thus, Gal became the only NRHA professional in Slovenia, and mostly competed abroad, where he still achieves top results at the European level.
In addition to competitions, he has a passion in horse rehabilitation, in working with people (to better understand the horse and themselves, improve the relationship with the horse, riding skills, etc.).
With us, he is the one who takes care of the psychophysical condition of horses, their training and at workshops and events takes care of your safety. He is an indispensable member of EQUINESS.
You will be able to meet him at all events.

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