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v prostor, kjer prisluhnemo modrosti konj

At EQUINESS, we believe that there is nothing stronger than when nature, people and horses come together.

Our mission is to share this space with you.


A space where you can meet horses and thus meet yourself. We have created various activities with horses that contribute to personal growth and awareness.


A space that we feel would support us in childhood, youth and life in general.


We all know that we are part of nature and we feel the desire to somehow be able to find contact with it again. The very thought of spending a few hours in nature near horses overlooking forests and pastures makes us happy. We offer the opportunity to feel the reflection of ourselves and our souls through observation and work with horses in unspoiled nature. With this we can improve the quality of our own lives and lives with our loved ones.


We used to know our place in nature; we knew we were nature. As such, we respected and learned from our relatives, such as animals and plants, about life and balance. With us, the horse is an indispensable partner at work. Because of their characteristics and strong sensitivity to subtle changes in their environment, they are perfect teachers of life.

The relationship with the horse is our mirror and source of learning.


EQUINESS offers a connection between a horse, a client, a therapist and a horse specialist, where horses offer a unique opportunity to explore and experiment with our life experiences while offering a space for a genuine contact experience. Spending time in nature with horses with guidance allows us to get to know each other in a different way. Sara and Gal are always present to ensure that the process is safe and confidential.

"Their real strength is gentleness."

Sara & Gal


Horses do not judge. This creates a unique environment where everyone can be what they are. All a horse wants for us is to become the best version of ourselves that he already sees through his eyes.

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Caballus Luminous

An inner journey led by horses


into the world of horses


a magical journey into the forest accompanied by horses

All experiences with horses

Domov: Courses

"If you surrender to the wind you can ride it."

Tony Morrison

I had to wait 60 years to be  experienced what I wanted - real contact and connection with the horse. I have loved horses all my life. Twice I even managed to ride a little, only there I didn’t get what I experienced  and  EQUIEXPERIENCE workshop. It is a touch with a horse, a feeling  horse, play with the horse and all this with the free  horses (without saddle,  bridles, ropes), which responds as it feels and desires.
Priceless, thank you, a memory forever. I hope to see you soon.


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