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Horse, body and their contact

Embodiment is not a practice, Its a state of being. It is not about where you return to, it is rather from where you are coming from.

Equiness & Moave

Horse, body and their contact


Horses and the body

Horses call us to our body. With what they do, they encourage us to be fully present – connected to ourselves, our feelings, our body and the earth beneath us.


They teach us self-regulation 

Horses also invite us to complete a healthy cycle of self-regulation. If you've ever watched horses in the wild, you may have seen them grazing peacefully at one point, then raise their heads and run off in a certain direction. As soon as they realize that there is no danger, they suddenly calm down and return to a calm state and continue to graze.


Somatic resonance

Horses are herd-sensual creatures - this means that they can instantly sense and transmit emotions in the herd. This helps the herd to stay alive because it is immediately and simultaneously alerted to the perceived danger. In the same way, they seem to be able to respond to our own emotions and reflect them back to us, helping us connect with our deepest feelings. This energetic and emotional resonance is also key information for the therapist. It's almost as if the horse's body acts as an emotion amplifier in the field (no pun intended!).


Body, soul and spirit

With their deep and soft gaze, these huge creatures shine a gentle light into the dark places of the heart, warming, softening and holding it in the process. When the soul and life itself begin to move within us, the horse will also move. The ears will playfully turn forward. He will run with us, play with us, reward us for simply being who we are - with such a display of grace, strength and majesty that we will never forget what it was like in that moment to be who we are.


Part of the workshop is dedicated to the process of contact with your own body and, consequently, with nature, which spreads out like a mirror of our inner landscape. Through simple somatic techniques and methods, we will look for a bridge of contact between the inner experience and the outer experience and the bodily expression that it offers as an expression of this kind of meeting. We will reawaken our sensory channels so that we can listen to the movement of nature inside and outside us more present. Part of the workshop is, of course, contact with horses and contact with everything described above. There will also be lunch in between.


The workshop will take place at NiceRanch, Trnovica 6, Šentvid pri Stičnica. For registrations until June 30, the early bird price is €90/person (if more than one of you is coming together, let us know by email). After June 30, the price is €110/person.


Facilitators: Špela Peterlin - Nayeli, univ.dipl.psych., Gestalt Experiential Psychotherapy educator, founder of the Moave Society - Psychology in Movement, contact improvisation teacher and dancer, and informal education trainer with more than 10 years of experience working with groups. More about Nayela:


Together with Špela, the workshop will be led by Sara Grahelj - mag. animal sciences, Gestalt experiential psychotherapy educator.

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